Building Habits – The Ultimate Guide



Whenever you want to achieve a stretch goal, you may have to build new habits.

This guide is a great collection of insights collected from many sources.

In addition, I can strongly recommend to use some new iPhone Apps, that support you in developing new habits more easily.

My personal favorite is productive, which is very simple and effective.

Hope you enjoy the ride!

Reinvent yourself to find a new Career Path (#042)

Make big leap in your Life!

reinvent yourself

Are you stuck in a rather comfortable position? Your job allows you to pay your bills, but you experience no joy and satisfaction regarding your work? This is where I was one year ago. I had to reinvent myself. Again. In the meantime, I changed course for the better and I would like to share […]

Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader



Incresing your “outsight” is especially important for a senior leader, since you usually learned and apply your strengths very effectively and successfully.

Often, this leads to a very comfortable position and a lack of appetite to engage in playful behavior. However, your learned intuition may not be a good guidance in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Therefore, you need to start to act again, in order to increase your “outsight”.

Herminia Ibarra‘ advise is simple: “You can act your way into new ways of thinking more easily than think your way into a new way of acting”.

WILTW #041: What I learned from attending this months TEDx event in Berlin


You certainly have seen TEDx talks. This month, I had the opportunity to actually attend such an event live in Berlin, Germany. The main theme was “Exponential Change” and I was not sure what to expect. Sure, we all know the exponential function from school, but in a change process this appears to be frightening. […]

WILTW #040: Seven Feelings You Buy – Without Regrets


There is no doubt that emotions play a strong role in buying products. Here is how you can create and target specific feelings very intentionally to resonate with you customers more successfully. According to Christian Mikunda, an Austrian Consultant for Customer Experience, there are seven feelings customers seek to experience, when buying products and services. […]